Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Goodbye Love Letter~

For a start, let me tell you a bit of my life story that you know nothing about. I admit that you know much but swear that you're missing a lot. I knew you for a long while, I knew pain, sorrow, misery, and just a little bit of love came along with that pack. I tried to be bigger than that and continue what I started but It seemed like hell on earth to go on with that story, so I stopped at a station in the road of my life, got some fuel to move on. I became much stronger and way way better without the dark ghosts of yours. During that I met this fallen angel that made me forget the pain and just leave it all behind. Well its not so difficult now that my present from heaven was found. I stopped thinking of you earlier than a usual lover who’s blind. I now know why people can't let go of love when it comes around. A soul mate wouldn’t hurt you nor upset you, he'll just make you feel safe and sound. No misery no more sorrow nothing of the pain kind. Spending time with him, he just casted all my pain away so far away where I can never find, since I left you behind. Im sharing my dreams with this angel of mine. Life now seems like a migical world, the fairytales kind. Oh I just cant describe you in words what he's like and how he makes me insist to let go of you. Just no more you, not in a single thought, not in a dream. You treated me like …. And he's treating me like a queen. I never thought my heart would ever mend but with him you're just an old forgotten theme. He's more beautiful than any word, the softest, cutest, nicest, sweetest human being. He ain't a cheap bastard looking for cheap girls while my love is his dearest dream. He ain't you, not even close, never would be in the same team. Well, he's the chapter of my life that would last with all the love and happiness as endless as they seem. In the end there's only one thing to add, just so you know. I have no space left for you, my daily life is totally occupied by him. He's my world now having my heart and my mind in each and every second and I just don’t want to waste any moment for you after this message. Consider it a goodbye from me, so goodbye Xlove ..

This letter I wrote for my friend. She's such a perfect girl who treated the love of her life like a king , unlike her he cheated on her and was so proud to do that infront of her eyes claiming her silence about the whole situation, stepping on her heart each time she sees an e-mail or a piece of clothing or hear a love phone call when she's with him.He deserves to be burn in hell for this shameless deed. How ungrateful idiot he was. Now he's crawling back to her but what got broken is never to be fixed, so I wrote her this letter to stop him following her, attempting to comeback. She was so coward that she didn't get the gut to send it and call it all off. Hate when girls are weakened emotionally, thats just awful we can't treat ......... the way they deserve for being the cruelest creatures of all. I mean common he was unfaithful insisting to complete his crap, how ironic is that that he wanna comeback as if nothing happened at all!!!
I can't say words that I'm not sure about may be if I were her I'd do the same and feel sorry for him and blah blah ..

Who Knows?!!!


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