Wednesday, March 9, 2011

well i was just thinkin out loud ;)

here we go


Why should anyone ever be hopeful?
Hope will just tear you down
By being hopeless, you'll have nothing to lose
While hope will leave you broken and devastated when things go wrong
The way they always DO
Don't hold much of hope
Just hold the bit
That keeps you able to carry oN

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sorry I'm No Angel~

Sorry for the losses ,, for the broken laws
Apologies for confesses ,, lies were hiddin in vows
All the false promises ,, only got you close 
Hit you with reality ,, love's cruelty do bruise

I couldn't be fair to you ,, telling you the truth
Love is a game of two ,, having them both
Bored or done of whom ,, got one beaten tough

Love lasts for weeks, months but years ! What a lore !!!
Cindrella story ain't real, no man is ever after pure
Fairy tales confusion caused us seek the love cure

Be frank, tell me something between you and me
Weren't there million things that you hated about me
Discovered them day after day when you've been around me

Once we were lovers
Once we were dreamers
Once we were believers

Year after the other, the magic was all gone
Responsibilities, obligations, million things to be done
Our times together turned to be fake, lost the fun

What's left now to go on for?


Are we angels to rely on such love, feeling insecure?
Well, if you are!, that I'm certain you are the most beautiful one
I'm no angel, and I'm deeply sorry

Sorry for the losses ,, for the broken laws
Apologies for confesses ,, lies were hiddin in vows


04:15 a.m.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Goodbye Love Letter~

For a start, let me tell you a bit of my life story that you know nothing about. I admit that you know much but swear that you're missing a lot. I knew you for a long while, I knew pain, sorrow, misery, and just a little bit of love came along with that pack. I tried to be bigger than that and continue what I started but It seemed like hell on earth to go on with that story, so I stopped at a station in the road of my life, got some fuel to move on. I became much stronger and way way better without the dark ghosts of yours. During that I met this fallen angel that made me forget the pain and just leave it all behind. Well its not so difficult now that my present from heaven was found. I stopped thinking of you earlier than a usual lover who’s blind. I now know why people can't let go of love when it comes around. A soul mate wouldn’t hurt you nor upset you, he'll just make you feel safe and sound. No misery no more sorrow nothing of the pain kind. Spending time with him, he just casted all my pain away so far away where I can never find, since I left you behind. Im sharing my dreams with this angel of mine. Life now seems like a migical world, the fairytales kind. Oh I just cant describe you in words what he's like and how he makes me insist to let go of you. Just no more you, not in a single thought, not in a dream. You treated me like …. And he's treating me like a queen. I never thought my heart would ever mend but with him you're just an old forgotten theme. He's more beautiful than any word, the softest, cutest, nicest, sweetest human being. He ain't a cheap bastard looking for cheap girls while my love is his dearest dream. He ain't you, not even close, never would be in the same team. Well, he's the chapter of my life that would last with all the love and happiness as endless as they seem. In the end there's only one thing to add, just so you know. I have no space left for you, my daily life is totally occupied by him. He's my world now having my heart and my mind in each and every second and I just don’t want to waste any moment for you after this message. Consider it a goodbye from me, so goodbye Xlove ..

This letter I wrote for my friend. She's such a perfect girl who treated the love of her life like a king , unlike her he cheated on her and was so proud to do that infront of her eyes claiming her silence about the whole situation, stepping on her heart each time she sees an e-mail or a piece of clothing or hear a love phone call when she's with him.He deserves to be burn in hell for this shameless deed. How ungrateful idiot he was. Now he's crawling back to her but what got broken is never to be fixed, so I wrote her this letter to stop him following her, attempting to comeback. She was so coward that she didn't get the gut to send it and call it all off. Hate when girls are weakened emotionally, thats just awful we can't treat ......... the way they deserve for being the cruelest creatures of all. I mean common he was unfaithful insisting to complete his crap, how ironic is that that he wanna comeback as if nothing happened at all!!!
I can't say words that I'm not sure about may be if I were her I'd do the same and feel sorry for him and blah blah ..

Who Knows?!!!


Sunday, January 2, 2011



How awkward ,, I was just saying happy new year 2010 to my family and friends ..

It's strange how fast time is passing by ,, so many events I recall the moment ,, many tears and laughs ,, lots of fears and fights ,, fails came along side with success ..

Last Jan ,, I was somewhere else, doing something else, being someone else ..

Last Jan I was me in 2010 way ,, with all its resolutions ,, with 2010 perspective ..

This Jan comes another me ..

Another Girl ,, completely, totally, entirely different person ..

There's no way that a person remains the same after 12 months with about 30 days in each !!!

Each month includes 4 weeks having 7 days within !!! Well, its not about Math but people do change each 24 hours .. now you can count to see how things differ..

Every night I go to bed, but can't just sleep till thinking over all day long events, what I did right, why that went wrong and so on ,, that makes me do things in another way ,, modified one if I may say ..

Thats how people go on with their lives I guess ,, taking lessons from each and every moment we've been through ,, Thats how life goes ..


Again 2011 ... wow I made it another year :)

What are my resolutions for this year ummmm,,

1- I'll be a better person with my family , especially mum and dad ..
2- I'll do very well at school, get high grades and be an excellent student >> usually say it but lazy to make it happen Lol :$
3- I'll do something amazing to mummy, something that she really wants it, something that makes her happy :)
4- I'll support my sister in school in every way I can ,, she deserves it cause she's getting straight As ..
5- I'll try to feel good about myself under any circumstances, cuz thats the main source of happiness as I know so far ..
6- I won't be judging people for any thing but their inside beauty,, not gonna give any attention to the looks for they're probably fake in most cases ...
7- I'll help others in any way I can ,, I won't turn my back to anyone that I can do any slight change they need from me ..
8- I'll try to find a job,, so sick of being just a student and not being productive member in the society ..
9- I'll get people to love me for who I am not who I pretend to be or hide behind a mask ,, I'll just be myself as Iglesias advised to do Lol ..
10- I'll let others know how much they mean to me and how I feel about them and not gonna waste another year holding my emotions and being shy cuz it's really not worth it , we only get to live once and I may not be here next year ..

It's not the last thing, yet those stuff can work it for this year ..

Wish me luck with this manifesta and hope that everyone would have this 2011 a year thats full of ,,,

and bravery to survive it to 2012

May Allah guides and guards you all through 2011 ..

Peace ~


Monday, December 13, 2010

Super Mother~

How could a mother stand?!

Finding all the doors closed
Her son is feeling so confused
Her daughter is totally used
Life is causing her kids' abused

How could a mother stand?!

Watching them go to school their first day
Losing them eventually day after day
Their dreams fall apart along the way
Broken, Shattered, and lost the way

How could a mother stand?!

Loving, caring, and believing with her all
Sacrificing her dearest ready to lose it all
All leaning on her keeping others from fall
Being there.. A shelter, sanctuary, an answer for any call

How could a mother stand?!

Feeling lost when always she's been the shore
Perfection ain't hers no longer not any more'
Kids forgetting all she'd offered and what for
Denying her efforts and her love they just ignore

How could a mother stand?!

Love, kids, living and acting strong
Either single or married justgetting along
Smashed, broke, and never do wrong
Selfless is her title her eternal song

How could you be super mom ?!!


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Looking For A Fairytale ~~

Looking for a fairytale
A feeling that lasts
A heart that reacts

Always tempting to get the best
Always dreaming trying my hardest

Looking for a sweet jail
Never gonna escape
Never gonna leave you babe

Always tempting to get the best
Always dreaming trying my hardest

Looking for a high heal
A proof that I can bear
A proof that I don't care

Always tempting to get the best
Always dreaming trying my hardest

Looking for a good deal
Having my prince charming
Having my diamond ring

Always tempting to get the best
Always dreaming trying my hardest

Looking for a heart to seal
Feels so lucky for he's the one
Loves me worships me be my one

Life's a hard game, a battle, a contest
No one can assume, anticipate nor predict
I'll fight then might be able to forget
No more fears, no tears, I'm over it

Always tempting to get the best
Always dreaming trying my hardest


8:27 a.m.